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Triangular bases can have sharp corners or rounded corners.  Sizes shown are for sharp corners.  The sizes they become after the corners are rounded, are in the parenthesis). Please specify if you want sharp corners or rounded corners when ordering.
5"x5"x8" triangular, slotted base, pine, rounded front
DSC02037.JPG (503254 bytes)

(No change on size)
3.54 3.37 3.21
DSC02032.JPG (461834 bytes)
Three flat-sided triangular bases...not round on one side.
Click on image to see larger image of the triangular bases.
7"x7"x9" triangular, slotted base, pine
8"x8"x11" triangular slotted base, pine
4.74 4.52 4.30
9"x9"x7" triangular slotted base, pine
4.42 4.20 4.00
9"x9"x11" triangular, slotted base, pine
9" x 9" x 11" triangular, slotted base, pine with rounded corners 4.56 4.35 4.14
10"x10"x12" triangular, slotted base, pine
11"x11"x16" triangular, slotted base, pine
6.64 6.32 6.02
12"x12"x16" triangular, slotted base, pine
12" x 12" x 17" triangular, slotted base, pine
7.47 7.12 6.78
12" x 12" x 17" triangular, slotted base, pine, with rounded corners 7.47 7.12 6.78



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