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FULL kit
Basket Buggy Basket Buggy Shopping Caddy Basket

Base with clips.

Base/clips and shopping cart.
New Lower Price:

Without Cart: $25

With Cart: $50

Cake Cover

Acrylic lid, acrylic plate, glass knob with screws and large rubber band.
Tinsel Time kit
(kit for one basket and ornament includes:
all reed necessary to make the miniature basket, waxed linen, Mizuhiki cords, 70mm clear ornament ball, dowel for mold and rubber band, rusty tin snowflake, mini pinecones, red ribbon and pattern.)
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Mini Sleigh Basket

Kit includes everything but the small phillips head screwdriver and the micro clips.
3" Dan-Dee Handles

4" Dan-Dee Handles

$7.00 per pair for 4" ones

No price breaks on this item.

$5.50 per pair for the 3" ones

No price breaks on this item.

stoneware.jpg (111795 bytes)Stoneware and leather for BAG IT!
(colors for edges of stoneware are: burgundy, dark blue and dark green)
Wavy handles
(Designed by Dan Feix)
$4.00 per pair
Spring Handle$4.00
3" round topped Bushel Basket Handles$4.55 each or $9.10 pair
5" round topped bushel basket handles$4.70 each or $9.40 pair
5" square topped bushel basket handles $ 6.73 each or $13.46 pair